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As someone who has studied conservation and managed parks I understand why there are no dogs allowed in National Parks. Their presence (they smell like a predator) can alter or even stop migration, movement for resources and mating behaviours in some species.

However in a country deep in the grips of an obesity crisis I have to wonder how many more people would be tempted to get out and about if they could take their dog. In North America where the system has a lot more flexability for furry friends to accompany their owners people love their parks. This is evident by the many 1000’s of insta accounts who hike with their dog and influence and encourage 100’s of thousands of people┬áto move more.

For the sake of our health and wellbeing and the mental stimulation of our couped up high energy rescue dogs I hope there are some changes in our systems to introduce the ability to bushwalk more with dogs (at least in lower conservtion parks). Until that happens here is a collection of dog friendly bushwalks, campgrounds and places I have either visited or discovered in my research into travel with dogs in Australia.

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