Where to see Crocodiles around Cairns, Palm Cove & Port Douglas

You can see Crocodiles both in the wild and in captivity around the Cairns Region.

Where to see Crocodiles in the Wild near Cairns

Daintree River Wildlife and Crocodile Cruises

The best way to see Crocodiles in the wild near Cairns is to go on a guided boat tour.

While spotting wildlife is never guaranteed you have a very high chance of seeing a crocodile on a Daintree River Cruise.

Several cruises depart from the south side of the Daintree River which is about 1.5 hours drive north of Cairns, 1h 10 minutes north of Palm Cove and 50 minutes north of Port Douglas.

There are several operators in the region, and they pretty much all have consistently good ratings from guests.

Regardless of your tour choice you can generally expect a laid back relaxed QLD vibe to your tour with knowledgeable guides who point out the birds and wildlife of the river.

I went on tour with Solar Whisper Wildlife and Crocodile Cruises as I have followed their Instagram account for years an they have electric boats but there are several other tour companies that are also highly rated.

Local Rivers, Parks & Reserves

Estuarine Crocodiles inhabit many local rivers and may be spotted while out bushwalking, fishing and driving – so always explore in crocwise way.

I was so jealous to hear a family member spotted wild crocodiles from a bridge from the car while out exploring on a road trip! So its always worth keeping your eyes peeled while out and about.

Where to see Crocodiles in Captivity near Cairns

Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

One of the top rated activities in Tropical North Queensland, this is a family friendly place to spot animals. Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas offers the chance to see Estuarine Crocodiles and be sure to visit in the Morning to see the Daily Crocodile Talk.

For adrenalin junkies they also offer a chance to ‘Swim with the crocodiles’ on the other side of the glass (though personally I worry about the ethics of teasing an apex predator this way, though I guess its no different than looking at land based carnivores from the other side of glass).

Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas also runs the Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre with donations from Wildlife Habitat so its visitors are supporting important care for sick, injured and orphaned local native wildlife.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure

This is a very popular place for people, especially families, to easily see crocodiles close to Cairns.

Personally as a vegan I haven’t visited, as it is also a working crocodile farm where animals are bred for skins and meat, and I would rather see animals in the wild.

However my family members who visited with small children really enjoyed the opportunity to see crocodiles up close and watch them being fed.

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