One Tree Hill Sunset Views & Bar

One Tree Hill is one of the best places to watch sunset on Hamilton Island. There is a bar to order drinks from and you can get there via the free Hamilton Island shuttle bus or a walk up the hill.

There are tables and seats available however on busy nights there may be many more people than seats. However, there is plenty of spaces where you can stand, sit on the tiered retaining walls or take a picnic rug and nibbles to set up on the lawn in a little further down the hill (which was a popular choice for families so kids could run around on the lawn).

The bar does get quite busy however the line moves quickly as the drinks are easy serve options – you can also still get cocktails they just include premixed ingredients to allow for quick serve.

Because it was such a busy sunset (there had been a few days of rainy weather beforehand) we chose to walk back to town instead of waiting for the bus. This was a great way to enjoy the sunset all the way to dark but I wouldn’t recommend it with small children as there is no dedicated walking path when you go the long way back so you have to walk the edge of the road and watch out for buggies and buses.

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