Roadtrip Australia – The best pubs & bars with a view

Looking for the best regional pubs with a view on a lap around coastal Australia? From beach views to bush views I hope this list helps you find a stop for a beer with a view!

This is an ongoing list, I will add to as find great views near the coast of each state in Australia – I unfortunately haven’t been everywhere yet ;).

East Coast Australia – Melbourne to Cairns

Between Melbourne & Sydney

Places to eat and drink with a view near the Coast between Melbourne and Sydney

Melbourne to NSW Border

Marlo Hotel
  • Dog friendly lawn and deck

Around 4.45 east of Melbourne, the Marlo Hotel is a good place for a drink with a view and has excellent food. Conveniently located as a stop on an East Coast Roadtrip.

South Coast NSW

Places to eat and drink with a view along the South Coast of NSW

Sea Horse Inn Hotel & Villas (Eden)

An accidental find while looking for beaches the bar at this hotel looks out over Nullica Bay.

  • Dog friendly on beer garden lawn tables (not undercover)

Stay onsite in the Heritage Hotel or its nearby Villas (with dog friendly options) or camp at Boydtown Beach Holiday Park or Discovery Parks & you can walk home.

Narooma Hotel
  • Dog friendly on the outside deck (as at Jan 2024)

The Narooma Hotel boasts they have a Million Dollar View and that’s a fair claim given their location perched with views over the inlet and coastline!

It has casual pub food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Southern Coast of Australia – Melbourne to Perth

Between Melbourne & Adelaide

The Wye River Hotel

One of the Great Ocean Roads’ best beers with a view, the Wye River Hotel looks over the beach from the deck or floor to ceiling windows (perfect for a winter road trip) and is conveniently located next to a caravan park.

West Coast of Australia – Perth to Northern WA


Matsos Broome Brewery

One of more famous places for a drink with a view, Matsos has filtered views of the water from the deck.

Mangrove Hotel Bay Club

While technically a restaurant in the busy season its pub vibes with live music and drinks with beautiful views.

Northern of Australia – Northern WA to Northern Queensland

Coming later.

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