Odonohue Rd Point Roadknight to Urquhart Bluff

This is one big long stretch of dog offlead beaches so it seemed best to group this all together.

As of 2023 the Parks Victoria visitor guide says that dogs are allowed offlead between Odonohue Road near Point Roadknight all the way to Urquhart bluff even though the coastal vegetation behind it is managed by Parks.

Dog Friendly Beach Access Points between Odonohue Road & Urquhart Bluff

O’Donohue Road Beach Access

The Gap Beach Access

Guvvos Beach Access

Hutt Gully Beach Access

Urquhart Bluff Visitor Area and Beach Access

This is one of my favourite spots to visit during the week (outside of school holidays) when there are generally just local surfers and a learn to surf group and very few other dogs.

On quiet days there are usually only a few other dogs oand often no others in winter so its a great choice for dogs that need a bit more space and a quieter environment.

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