Point Addis Dog Friendly on Leash Beach

Point Addis is one of the most beautiful and dramatic dog friendly beaches on the Great Ocean Road. The point has rockpools you can explore at low tide.

The coastal area around Point Addis it is a marine park so dogs must be on lead at this beach.

You also need to stay away from the base of the cliffs as the cliffs have been unstable in recent years. The beach is not close to the cliffs until you walk to the far end (which is a nudey beach).

Low tide at Point Addis is a beautiful

Doggy Friendly Notes for Point Addis

Old & Injured Dogs

There are a lot of stairs to get onto this beach so unfortunately you may want to skip this beach if your dog is to old or injured to cope with stairs.

Dog Reactive Dogs

It is possible with a bit of patience to take a dog reactive dog onto this beach. There is confined pathways but you can see down part of the first lot of stairs from the top (and step off to the side on the retaining wall if need be) and there is space to step to the side where the Koori Walk branches off between the steps and the wooden stairs to allow dogs to pass.

The steps are bit trickier, though easy if you have a second person to check ahead. Sometimes I just back track if a dog is coming. These wooden stairs onto the beach are a bit trickier, I generally just use a halti to get onto this beach so in the unlikely even I have dog coming from both directions while going down the stairs I have control.

It usually much easier than this sounds and personally for me its worth it when I want a dog on lead beach.

People Reactive Dogs

Because of the confined spaces on the stairs getting onto this beach people reactive dogs and their humans may be more comfortable on lead at a different beach where they don’t have to get as close to humans as they would on the pathway to this beach.

Generally I find its not possible to get onto this beach without walking past other people (unless perhaps it was a really quite time of day and year – its not a busy beach but I just usually find someone is coming up or down when I visit). Obviously you can use your judgement call on if you and your dog can safely navigate this situation, the dog reactive notes above may help 🙂


Is Point Addis Beach dog friendly?

Yes Point Addis beach is dog friendly on lead. Dogs must be on lead as they surrounding coastal area is Marine Park.

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