Walk Bright to Wandiligong

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There are several options to walk from Bright (from Mystic Bike Park) to Wandiligong, all of them traversing through the pretty mix of country and bush valley and at least partly by creeks. To make it interesting for return walks you can combine different route options.

This is a good option for someone who doesn’t ride bikes and has family or friends riding shuttles at Mystic or anyone who likes walks that end with a beer or coffee.

To make this a shorter walk you can organise for friends/family to drop you off or pick you up in Wandiligong and just walk one way (or do a car shuffle if you have more than 1 car in your group).

Bright to Wandiligong via White Star/Unamed Road

SAFETY – This road is used by vehicles and bike riders, ensure you walk without headphones so you can safely move off the road when vehicles approach from behind or the front.

This option leaves from between Mystic Flight Park Carpark and Bright Cabin & Caravan Park (Crustys) on the north eastern side of what’s now called Morses Creek. Here you turn onto White Star Road which is the start of the walk. You can park in the public carparks at the Bike Park or Flight Park.

You also have the option of walking to the starting point from other parts of Bright via the network of footpaths and trails.

I walked this from Bright to Wandiligong but you may prefer to do it the other way, particulary if your walking a day things are closed in Wandi.

The first part of the walk passes between the Caravan Park and the River (there are riverside picnic tables). Through this first section there are lots of Mountain Bike Riders as the downhill mtb tracks feed out onto this track. There is plenty of space for walkers and riders but its just good to be aware and keep dogs on lead at all times as this is an active road.

From here the road heads up hill for awhile.

When you reach the 4 way intersection the lowest road takes you along side the river before rejoining with with White Star Road further along. If you listen for the sound of cascades at the marker on the road you cross the bike path and you will find a lovely cascade area.

From the cascades you continue and rejoing whites road and from here the road diverges away from the Creek so make sure you have human and dog drinking water. There is also no shade in some sections depending on what time of day you are walking.

The White Star gravel road continues for some time with forestry on one side and rural properties on the other before curving in around the back of the oval where your walk down hill into the ‘Alpine Park’ which has toilets, an oval, a playground and picnic area and easy access for dog and human paddling in Morses Creek.

You can finish your walk enjoying a drink and food in the gorgeous gardens of the nearby 5 Acres Bar & Kitchen or continue on to the Wandiligong Hotel.

Approximate Distances

3.1km ONE WAY from Mystic Bike Path to 5 Acres Bar & Kitchen

4.6km ONE WAY from Mystic Bike Path to the Wandiligong Hotel

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