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Babymoon Ideas…

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      Bit of a broad query here…but I was hoping for a few starting points! 🙂

      Planning a week away with my partner somewhere in early Feb. I will be about 6 months pregnant and probably not up to too much strenuous activity and would like to chill out and relax a bit, with some exploring too.

      We are frugal and enjoy travel on the cheaper side. We like to self-cater – including cooking on public BBQs.
      Would love somewhere with a beach/water, with likely nice enough weather for a swim (in the ocean or at a pool). But probably no trips out to the GBR (my partner is only just learning how to swim, and I want to wait until he’s more confident) We love nature and the great outdoors, for sure, but also exploring the urban environment!

      We enjoy camping, but don’t have much equipment. Have thought about hiring a campervan or maybe staying in a cabin somewhere? We’re based in Victoria but would probably like to travel/fly interstate and somewhere new. Have recently visited the Great Ocean Rd, Wilsons Prom, Blue Mountains and the Freycinet Peninsula.

      Any ideas???

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      Hi Dotofblue!

      Thanks so much for visiting the See Something New forum!

      There are definitely some awesome places you can get to for a week and February is a really nice warm time for all the southern states.

      One roadtrip that would tick all the boxes for you guys would be exploring Perth and South West Western Australia. It will be beautiful and warm for swimming at that time of year and the region has so many beautiful beaches.
      Perth is a really lovely city to explore with lots of parks & gardens and beaches south and north for frugal travel and self catering. You can visit places like the beautiful big Kings Park to go and enjoy the views and wander around the free galleries in Fremantle (some amazing photographers etc).

      Can also highly recommend a day trip to the beautiful Rottnest Island. You can take a picnic with you and catch the shuttle around so you only have to do short walks.

      South West of Perth is full of National Parks, tourist drives and beaches to enjoy nature. My favourite place for a swim is called ‘Greens Pool’ which is down in the Denmark Region.

      Depending on how far you want to drive, further afield Cape Le Grand National Park has one of the white at beaches in Australia (Lucky Bay) and it’s a short walk onto the beaches there for you.

      There are lots of little towns all the way along the coast and many of them would have picnic areas or bbqs for self catering.

      The Pemberton area has these huge Karri Trees and there are a few short boardwalks to see them which would be a nice comfortable walk for you to just go as far as you want to.

      The Busselton Jetty is a nice place for a wander and you may even spot a dolphin around there or you can visit the Bunbury Dolphin Centre.

      There are also loads of little towns to explore in the South West corner near Margaret River and Dunborough.

      If you would like to hire a campervan there are plenty of camping areas in National Parks and Caravan Parks in towns. You usually get a better deal hiring them for at least 7 days and they are generally hire ‘per day’s rather than per 24 hours like a car so 7 nights would be 8 days hire. You may like to look at one with a bathroom so you don’t have to go out during the night so much.

      If you would prefer to hire a small car the best places are mostly 2WD accessible so you don’t need anything big. For accommodation there are plenty of options in the region from hotels to holiday houses and b&bs. I have stayed at Karri Valley Resort before, it was a little bit old but on a beautiful lake surrounded by huge trees.

      My other suggestion and one of my favourite roadtrip places is Kangaroo Island! You could fly into Adelaide so you can do some urban exploring before or after and drive down. Just ensure that whoever you book a campervan with covers you for taking it over on the ferry. Also be aware that the ferry is by no means a bargain 😉

      It’s a fabulous place for you to explore pregnant as you can get to sea Admirals Arch, Seal Bay, Remarkable Rocks all less than 500 metres walk (most lots less). You will see heaps of wildlife around even just driving and you can get an island pass which lets you into many of the attractions. There is cabins in caravan parks and hotels however you could consider driving over with the camping equipment you do have. You may be uncomfortably hot camping that time of year though. The island is about 1.5 hours drive across so you can pick a few bases and road trip.

      There are beautiful beaches to swim at and being and island one side is usually calm enough to explore even in windy weather.

      I have a quick article on it here:

      There is picnic and BBQ areas in some of the council campgrounds and many of the parks as well.

      I would suggest that unless you are really good with humid heat (I’m a wierdo I love it the hotter the better) that you would likely be more comfortable sticking to the southern states.

      Northern Queensland, NT and WA will be very humid in February so it’s probably not a bad idea to save save GBR to when your partner has improved.

      If you think you have your heart set on an Island (there’s never a bad time to hang out on a tropical island I reckon ;)) maybe consider Heron Island. It’s rooms a bit older but it is a coral cay so you partner could swim in straight of the beach where he may feel a bit more confident swimming! Most times of the year you can spot turtles and other wildlife from the island.

      Also the 5 Star Cable Beach Club Resort often has rooms on sale for about 179 a night that time of year (usually about $400). It’s a fabulous resort to relax at but I went in February and it was super humid and the poolmaybe not as refreshing as you would like to cool you down! But it is a beautiful beautiful resort and Broome is a wonderful town to explore around with red dirt and aqua water.

      I hope all this info is helpful and how exciting for you guys having a break!

      Thanks again for visiting the See Something New Australian Travel Forum. Don’t forget you can book through our affiliate website, if you do decide to go with accommodation!

      Let me know if you need any more information on a particular area!

      Bel 🙂
      See Something New

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      Thanks, Bel!
      This is exactly the sort of thing I was after!
      I’m off to do a little research and pitch the ideas to the other half. 🙂

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      Your most welcome 🙂 I hope you guys have a lovely trip and if you have any more questions just ask!


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