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Whats a good island to visit for snorkelling in Queensland?

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      I would like to give my parents a holiday as a present for a lot of help they have given me over the last year and I am wondering if you are able to make a holiday suggestion.

      We live in Victoria so preferably somewhere up north (and Island would be good so they can relax). I would prefer somewhere you can fly direct to from Melbourne so I can save a bit on flights to spend on accommodation. They love being close to the beach and they also love snorkelling. I have a budget of around $2000 for the accommodation and am hoping to send them for about a week.

      They have already been to Hamilton and Daydream Island in the Whitsundays so maybe somewhere different would be good.

      Thanks for your help!

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      Well hello sister dearest! Thanks for posting on my forum 🙂

      I have two fabulous options that would suite Mum and Dad knowing how they love being close to the beach and snorkelling.

      Heron Island
      I definitely suggest Heron Island as a good option as it’s a relaxing island resort where they can snorkel off the beach. It’s a tiny 29 ha coral cay in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef and there is no televisions or phone reception so it’s all about switching off and connecting with nature.

      It’s actually a very special place as turtles nest on the Island so guests can see either turtles laying eggs or turtle hatchlings many months of the year.

      Adult turtles are also spotted in the water around the island basically all year round. You can check their wildlife calendar to book at the right time for turtles.

      There is snorkelling off the beach on the island from a couple of different places and they run a boat snorkel tour several times a day which is very reasonable priced (around $50).
      Visiting Heron Island does require two flights to get there (flying via Brisbane) and book in advance to get 6 nights for around your $2000 budget.

      Heron Island is right on the Great Barrier Reef and is a very special and unique nature based holiday experience. Visit (powered by to check prices for your dates and see more photos.

      Good to know before you go
      The Heron Island ferry does not depart Tuesdays or Thursdays and make sure you book flights with plenty of time to make the ferry on the way over and flight on the way back.

      With current ferry timetables you will likely need to depart Melbourne first thing in the morning and fly out of Gladstone late afternoon – always check the ferry before booking flights.

      Fitzroy Island
      Alternatively they could visit Fitzroy Island (which I have been to and loved) a much larger Island off the coast of Cairns. You can snorkel straight off the shore and most of the Island is National park so there are bushwalks and little hidden beaches to explore.

      Fitzroy Island is a short 45 minute ferry ride from the coast so it does have day trippers that give it more of a busier vibe. I found it was still a super relaxed and laid back resort and Foxy’s Bar has one of the best views in Australia.

      Another bonus is there are direct flights to cairns with a number of airlines including low cost carriers so you can get reasonably priced flights at most times of the year if you book in advance. You can pick up 7 nights starting from around $1300 so you could upgraded to a larger beach view suite within budget.

      The ferry ride to the Island is less than an hour and there are a couple of departures a day so you do get more flexibility with flights.

      Good to Know before you go
      The beach on Fitzroy Island is made from coral so it’s not a traditional soft sand beach.

      So which one should you choose?
      You can rest assured that either option will be a nice relaxing island holiday with snorkelling off the shore.

      If coming in on budget, beach view room and a direct flight from Melbourne are most important, Fitzroy Island may be a better alternative.

      If being totally immersed in nature, with turtle and other wildlife spotting on a unique, quieter island with snorkelling off the beach is the most important aspect of the holiday then Heron Island would likely be your best choice.

      Thanks for posting 🙂

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