Hotel Holidays

Hi My name is Bel

Welcome to the Hotel Holidays section of the See Something New blog. I’m excited to be helping you plan your trip!

I started this section of the blog because I wanted an excuse to write posts focused solely on helping people find the right hotel and resort for a fun and memorable holiday. You can find the rest of my travel writing under the destination tab See Something New, which is outdoor and nature focused.

When I was a travel agent, people always say the want the ‘cheapest’ everything. But I found generally people actually meant they wanted their holiday to be how they imagined it to be in a price range they were comfortable with.

For some people this can just mean a comfortable and clean bed to sleep in that is close to a everything, while others are looking for a hotel that’s a full on experience with the works like a lagoon pool, swim up bar and restaurants.

Everyone is different and we all value different locations, features and services in our hotel. For most people this is the nicest accommodation they can afford with what they value most from their ‘must have’ list.

It’s my goal on this website to write guides, post and summaries that help you streamline your research process (you will also find ‘researched for you’ posts elsewhere on this blog.

As an agent, I loved working with people to plan holidays, but I was really terrible at the pushier ‘selling’ part to get people to book. So instead i’m using my knowledge of the industry and Australian destinations to create helpful posts on this website that help you decide whats right for you.

And hopefully when your ready to book you will consider booking via my affiliate links (where I make a small commission).

For most of us, our holidays are one of our biggest investments and we spend a lot of time and energy planning them (also, research shows for some people planning a holiday is as good a buzz as the experience its self)!

You want to get it right, and plan a safe and special trip, but its also important to remember that ultimately travel is an amazing privilege.

And as long as you approach your holiday with a flexible mindset that like life, things may not always going to plan, then you can embrace the holiday experience and have a great time!

Happy Travel Planning & Booking

Bel 🙂

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