About See Something New Australian Travel Blog

Hi I’m Belinda Nixon, the founder of this Australian travel blog, See Something New.

It’s my goal to help you explore Australia’s most beautiful and remote places.

Travelling in Australia is a rewarding and enriching experience and your holiday creates important jobs in Australia’s regional and remote communities.

Who is this blog helpful for?

From camping to resort holidays, I focus on destinations where you have the option to get outdoors into nature, be awed by the beauty of our country and spot wildlife.

I believe bushwalking, outdoor activities and National Parks are for everyone, regardless of you fitness level or experience, it’s just about finding fun activities that suit your comfort zone and skill level.

I just really can’t pick a niche to focus on like they say I should but my travel blog has posts that helpful to plan a trip in these areas:

  • Nature based exploring (seeing wildlife, getting outdoors and beautiful places for campers & hotel holidays)
  • Travel with dogs (predominantly in Victoria)
  • Travel for adults (many posts are still helpful for families, but I don’t have children)
  • Camping and bushwalks, including for plus size and beginners
  • Hotels in beautiful places that are a gateway to nature or a chance to treat yourself
  • Food and Drink with a view

Who am I?

I have worked in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Australia as a Park Ranger, Environmental Advisor and Tour Guide. More recently I have worked in wholesale and retail travel, booking people on their dream Australian holidays.

This means I’m lucky to have personally visited many places or done professional development training on most areas of Australian travel. However I’m always learning, finding new places to share and following tourism news to build on my existing knowledge of the Australian travel industry.

My time working as a travel consultant has helped me understand that every single one of us values slightly different ways to travel and experience a destination.

This means I tend to write less personally and more factually, highlighting what may be a pro or con based on what you value, as I want to make the destination the star of this blog, not me. This will also help you decided more clearly if an activity or destination is right for you. 

But you will find ‘stories’ scattered throughout, which are more personal accounts of my adventurers.

Where to start with planning your holiday

If your not sure where you want to go or what kind of holiday you want, start here for broad ideas and lists. If you know what kind of holiday you like, or where you want to go, choose a destination or focus from the top menu.

Feel free to ask a question on the Australian Travel Forum – I am happy to help you research your holiday and find the answer to your question.

I welcome hearing your travel tips, stories and recommendations in the comments on the See Something New Australian travel blog!

Here’s to a year full of happy Australian holidays and new experiences!

Belinda 🙂