Rawnsley Park Station

Rawnsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia is a very special place surrounded by stunning mountain ranges.

Rawnsley is technically still a working sheep station and a great spot for a flinders ranges station stay. However, its main attraction for guests is the surrounding mountain ranges that change colour at sunrise and sunset, the bushwalking, cross-country mountain bike tracks and lots of guided tours and activities.

It’s close to Ikara-Flinders Ranges Nation­al Park and after a day of exploring has a dinner restaurant ’The Woolshed’ which caters for many common dietary requirements.

Accommodation Room Types at Rawnsley Park Station

There is a range of choices at Rawnsley for accommodation in the Flinders Ranges from unpowered bush sites through to luxury eco-villas.


These are probably some of the nicest accommodation in the Flinders Ranges and is currently the highest standard of accommodation at Rawnsley Park Station (except for the private house). They are luxury and spacious stand alone villas with no common walls to other villas.

This accommodation has beautiful views out over the mountains and has won tourism awards for their unique villas which include a skylight over the bed.

They are available in 1 and 2-bedroom options or if you need more space then you might consider booking the homestead which also sleeps 4.

Superior Holiday Units

This is where I stayed on my visit and they were comfortable, clean and spacious with quality furniture and mattress. I loved the views from the front deck where I got glimpses of the mountain range beyond and spotted birds and emu during my stay. I will definitely stay in these units again next time I visit (unless of course I start making beyond minimum wage and can splash out on the villa lol).

These cabins do have common walls (with a privacy wall on the deck) so if you want absolute privacy such as for a honeymoon you would be better in the Eco-Villas.

Standard Holiday Units

Their original holiday units are located in a similar area to the Superior option, still walking distance to the seasonal pool and the restaurant but a little cheaper in price as they are an older style.

They are either 1 bedroom for singles and couples or alternatively, there is a 3 bedroom options perfect for larger groups and families and do have common walls.

Budget Cabins – No Ensuite – Pet-friendly option

Located in the caravan park these budget cabins have shared toilet facilities and have a pretty outlook onto a dry creek with beautiful big gum trees.

  • If you are looking for dog friendly accommodation in the Flinders Ranges near Wilpina Pound, two of these are designated dog friendly cabins (with a small extra fee).
  • There are also lots of dog friendly walks on the station so if you don’t have a dog sitter you can do bushwalks on the station instead of at Wilpina Pound (or you might be able to find another traveller to trade dog sitting duties with).

Rawnsley Park Station accommodation:

Rawnsley Park Station Caravan Park

There is plenty of camping at Rawnsley Park Station and the caravan park is tucked in a nice low point between a mountain range and a dry creek bed lined with ancient river red gum trees full of hollows and character. I’ts a nice spot to go camping in the Flinders ranges if you would still like to be close to facilities.

It’s got a wide variety of campsites from powered and close to all the amenities to nice little more natural ‘bush camping’ sites which are a little drive along the creek and unpowered (remember bush is sparse in the arid zone)!

I didn’t get to camp this time but I will 100% be back with my dog to visit this dog friendly campground as its a great choice as a base for flinders ranges camping with dogs.

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Things to do at Rawnsley Park Station

You don’t need to wonder what to do at Rawnsley Park Station as there is plenty to do for both those who like to explore on foot as well as those who prefer to explore on a 4wd or helicopter tour.


Rawnsley Park Station has a large range of walks from short all the way through to more challenging walks like the Bluff and look out over the Flinders Ranges Wilpena Pound. If you’re capable of walking up hill then you get pretty good bang for your buck bushwalking at Rawnsley, climbing to the top of almost any hill rewards you with expansive views out over various mountain Ranges.

The source for the following distances is the Rawnsley Park Walking guide, which you definitely want to download prior to travel for any up to date information and for the handy map and to help you choose which walks to do and some of them can be linked into loops if you would prefer longer walks.

If you’re staying in at the station the reception staff are really great at letting you know about the walks and where there are seasonal highlights like wildflowers etc.

There are walks that leave from three different trailheads, The Caravan Park, The Cabin Office and the Rawnsley Bluff Carpark.

I’ve listed them from short to long and I have linked below to my own short track notes with photos for the ones I have written, I was only able to do some of the short walks this trip.

  • If your looking for dog friendly walks in the Flinders Ranges there are many options at Rawnsley Park Station. All the walks except the long ones that enter the national park are a good choice for Flinders Ranges dog friendly walking options.

Kangaroo Gap Lookout

EASY (45 min return) 0.8kms

  • Dog Friendly

This nice short walk starts from the Caravan Park Office and meanders along a creek bed past some buildings before the path rises up the side of the gap and up onto Kangaroo Gap where you get raised views out towards the station and behind to another mountain range. The river red gums along the creek are ancient and gnarled.

Alison Saddle

EASY (45 min return) 1.6km

  • Dog Friendly

Twidale Top

EASY (45 min return) 2kms

  • Dog Friendly

A nice short walk to a flat top with views over the bluff and several mountain ranges. To see photos and a bit more info visit my Twidale Top track notes.

Clem Corner

MODERATE (2 hr loop walk) 4.6kms

  • Dog Friendly

Ferntree Falls

MODERATE (2 hr return) 5.2kms

  • Dog Friendly

Pines Cave

MODERATE (2.5 hr loop walk) 6.5kms

  • Dog Friendly

Rawnsley Bluff

No Dogs

Rawnsley Bluff DIFFICULT (5 hr return) 12.6kms

Wilpena Lookout DIFFICULT (4 hr return) 11.4kms

Guided Tours

One of the best ways to explore the station and nearby areas of the Flinders Ranges is guided tours.

I chatted with the campground reception to find out they are a particulary good option if you have more limited mobility (or maybe you just don’t love bushwalking)! They take you to some of the more remote areas of the station but most don’t involve much walking and some none except to get out of the car and enjoy picnics or views.

Going on a tour is also a great option if you are travelling in a 2wd and want to get out onto some of the gravel roads and 4wd tracks.

(I, unfortunately, was on a budget this trip, I was on a trip to Adelaide and spontaneously decided to head to Flinders Ranges tapping into every cent of savings I had which wasn’t a lot so it was a tight show with no money left for extras beyond the accommodation and food…in fact, I’m still paying off my bnpl now lol).

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter Rides leave from near the Woolshed Restaurant at the accommodation end of the station.

Looking for an extra special experience? Why not try their heli-camping where you get flown to your own stunning private campsite to watch sunset and have dinner before staying over night and waking to sunrise and breakfast with a view.

Paid Self Drive 4WD touring

Get out onto the station into areas the general public can’t go with self drive touring of the property.

Things to do near Rawnsley Park Station

Ikara-Flinders Ranges Nation­al Park

Home to Ikara/Wilpena Pound, the most famous icon of the region, Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park offers scenic drives to stunning lookouts, historical sites, Adnya­math­anha art sites such as Akur­ra Adnya (Arka­roo Rock) and walks ranging in length from short through to overnight bushwalks.

Flinders Ranges Way Scenic Drive

A gorgous scenic drive through arid ecosystems with plenty of lookouts and places to stop on the bitumen and many more side trips if you have a 4wd or the roads are recently graded.

Dog friendly things to do near Rawnsley Park Station

The campground, budget cabins and bushwalks are dog friendly. They also have a good information sheet they can provide on check of the places you can visit around that section of the Flinders Ranges that are dog friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rawnsley Park Station

Rawnsley Park Station is located in the southern section of the Flinders Ranges on the road Flinders Ranges Way.

It is conveniently located just a 25-minute drive from the main walking trails at Wilpena Pound.

From the South, Ranwsley Park Station is approximately a 5 hour drive from Adelaide and a 1 hour 40 minute drive from Port Augusta. It is around a 30 minute drive north of Hawker, a popular spot to stop for a coffee or break.

To visit from the north you would need to travel on unsealed gravel roads, most of which are 4wd only.

Is the road to Rawnsley Park Station sealed?

Yes the ‘Flinders Ranges Way’ road to Rawnsley Park Station turn-off is sealed however the 3km entrance road is not sealed. You do not need a 4wd to visit, the unsealed entrance road to Rawnsley Park Station is a maintained gravel track that is accessible to 2wd vehicles, except in extreme weather events.

Are dogs allowed at Rawnsley Park Station

Yes, dogs are allowed at Rawnsley Park Station and yes dogs are allowed at the Rawnsley Park Station Caravan Park and bush camping area.

Dogs are not allowed in most accommodations at Rawnsley Park Station however they are allowed in a few select budget accommodation types.

Dogs are allowed on most of the bushwalks at Rawnsley Park Station (with the exception of those that enter the National Park). A map of the bushwalks (and which ones are dog-friendly bushwalks) is available on the website or on arrival.

Reception can also provide you with a printed guide to activities and tourist drives near the station with dog-friendly activities marked.