Discovery Parks Narooma with a dog – Notes & Photos

Notes & Photos is my equivalent of a review however reviews are so subjective to the day, your mood, the staff that hour, the weather, & your interactions with other people you need many to get an accurate rating. My notes & photos are more of a personal story of my stay, with some pros and cons that I experienced:) This blog is reader-supported- I may make a commission if you purchase from links – Privacy Policy.

Discovery Parks Narooma is a beachfront Caravan Park in a lovely leafy location, 5 – 10 minutes’ drive from the main things to do around Narooma.

It has a gorgeous infinity pool, cabins and campground, family-friendly activities and the region has things to do with a dog.

We booked last minute in school holidays so unfortunately could only get two nights so I didn’t get to experience everything at the park this time round.

General Information & Property Photos

Discovery Parks Narooma is a dog friendly caravan park in Narooma with dog friendly camping and dog friendly cabin accommodation as well as plenty of options for people without dogs of which there were many (it has a great playground and pool).


  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Beachfront (short walk)
  • 2 x Playgrounds, Jumping Castle & Pump Track
  • Camp Kitchen

Accommodation Options

  • Dog Friendly 2 Bedroom Cabins near Narooma
  • Dog Friendly Ensuite Powered Site near Narooma
  • Dog Friendly Powered Sites near Narooma
  • Dog Friendly Unpowered Sites near Narooma
  • There are also plenty of cabins and tents available that are not dog friendly

Property Photos from Expedia

Personal Photos and notes from my stay

Firstly, I would 100% stay here again, it was good value for money in a fun town for dog friendly adventures and mountain bike riding plus close to a dog friendly beach.

The park was leafy, had a great pool and a coffee van showed up on the weekend morning in the school holidays which is always a win haha.

Dog Friendly Cabins Notes

What I liked

The 2 Bedroom Dog-Friendly Cabin Accommodation at Narooma Discovery Parks was spacious and clean. It was honestly a nice surprise after staying in a cabin elsewhere where you could barely turn around in the bathroom.

It had a huge basic but freshly renovated bathroom, a good size kitchen and plenty of space in the living area.

The cabin has a huge fenced deck, perfect for your furry friend to have extra space to wander and for storing sports equipment.

There was a bbq courtyard out the front, which means you could bbq dinner while watching the dog on the deck or inside.

They also included dog food and water bowls which was really handy.

The main bedroom even had big cupboards for storing plenty of stuff if you are staying awhile. The 2nd bedroom is handy for extra storage even if you don’t have extra people with you.

The kitchen table would have been good to work at, alas like the whole of the NSW coast in school holidays the wifi and phone reception were so slow at night a web page wouldn’t load – Telstra and Optus really need to get their crap together and have extra infrustructure for peak times in tourist destinations.

What I would change

I would still stay again, but this is what bugged me:

The Couch: The couch sucked. It looked nice but it was very uncomfortable (padding worn) modern style material couch which was an interesting choice for a dog-friendly cabin. A cheap fake leather option would be far more practical and comfy. While dogs are not allowed on the furniture there was clearly the remnants of previous visitors fur. PU would make this easy to wipe away for the next guests.

The Cabin Location in the Park:

The cabins are currently number 47, 48, 49 on the park map (scroll down on the page to find the pdf).

I was disappointed find the dog friendly cabins are smack bang in the middle of the campground.

It’s a great location for people travelling in a group with campers but not so great compared to the leafy location of the rest of the cabins.

They still offer better privacy than camping but less than the rest of the cabins in the park. Although I guess to be fair in the cabin section like all parks you looking onto other cabins so it may not be much different.

Hopefully, they will change some of the premium options to dog friendly in the future – there is the ability to change some further away options that are close to the bush without them being a risk of disturbing the other cabins (32, 33, 34 hint hint haha).

Reactive dog notes: The 3 cabins are in a U shape, which is not ideal for dog reactive dogs.

The pool at Discovery Parks Narooma

The Pool is a beautiful infinity pool part way down a hill below the office as there is vegetation on the low side the pool area nice secluded resort feel.

The pool is open from 9am to sunset which means you can do some late evening swimming in the warmer daylight savings months.

If you are travelling alone it may be tricky to enjoy the pool as dogs are not allowed in the pool area and like most places the rules say you are not supposed to leave your dog unaccompanied.

The Dog Beach at Discovery Parks

Here is a map by the council showing the dog friendly timeshare beach out the front and the dog friendly 24 hour beach beach just north of it. We never made it as we ran out of time on a 2 night stay.

Family Friendly Notes

If you travel with kids here’s a few photos of the playground – I swear most holiday parks are better for families than even the best hotels and resorts!

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