Dog Friendly Travel Guide

A dog stands on the Urquhart Bluff beach which curves around behind

If you understandably don’t want to leave your furry family member at home there is a growing number of options for dog friendly holidays around Australia.

Camping has always been a great choice, as have dog friendly holiday homes, but increasingly holiday parks are adding dog friendly cabins to their options as are some hotels.

As I visit more places with my pup I have been creating guides which you can find below.

Dog friendly Caravan Parks East Coast Australia

Dog Friendly Travel Guides by State

Dog Friendly Holidays in New South Wales

Dog friendly Holidays in South Australia

Dog Friendly Holidays in Victoria

Dog Friendly Regions & Towns

Eden Dog Friendly Travel Guide

Eden in New South Wales is a nice little town for a beach centred…

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Narooma NSW Dog Friendly Travel Guide

Narooma on the South Coast of New South Wales is a great dog-friendly destination…

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Moonee Beach Dog Friendly Travel Guide

I fell in love with camping at Moonee Beach for the roomy unpowered campground…

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Berrin Mount Gambier Dog Friendly Travel Guide

I visited Berrin / Mount Gambier with my dog in mid February 2023 and…

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Great Ocean Road & Otways Dog Friendly Travel Guide

The Great Ocean Road and Otways have become a lot more dog friendly in…

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Koondrook Barham Dog Friendly Travel Guide

I love a good random road trip, so when I wanted to head to…

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Bright Dog Friendly Travel Guide

Bright is overall a very dog friendly town. Dogs are allowed on lead in…

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Murray River Dog Friendly Travel Guides

Dog friendly Murray River Campground Notes

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Sling Guard Car Seat Cover

Investing in a ‘Sling Guard’ car seat cover was one of the best purchases I have made for travelling with my dog in the car at home and on holidays (after my 33kg dog broke multiple cheap ones on the first car trip).

It has big strong zips and is double-sided, one fluffy and soft and the other a bit tougher, with a waterproof layer in between.

But it’s good for more than just the car – I have used it for Dusty and a foster dog to chill on next to the camp fire when camping, on her bed when she’s wet so it can be removed and she has somewhere dry to sleep later and to protect the furniture in dog friendly holiday cabin.

I have had this cover for over 4 years and it’s still going strong.

I accidentally jammed clips in the door over time when I wasn’t paying attention and have just replaced them with those Sea to Summit replacement buckles.

Australian Made Dog Food

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Prime 100 Air range is high quality single protein air dried food. They are an Australian Made alternative to brands like Ziwi and are high in protein (and are priced accordingly).

I use it to offset feeding lower protein PFIAA approved meat rolls or balls from the supermarket when camping and I can’t make homemade food.

There area also a good size for food toys.