This is what I think the next Hamilton Island Hotel Should be

I love Hamilton Island, it is truly my happy place. If I won tatslotto it would be the first place I would buy a house.

But one thing my sister and I realised is that apart from the Palm Bungalows their apartment buildings and hotels are a scary prospect for some parents – they are very high and my sister just wasn’t comfortable staying in a room with a view with toddlers and young kids due to the risk of falling from building heights. To be honest even I was worried my adult friend was going to fall off every time they had to much to drink at the bar.

So, nobody asked, but my opinion is the next hotel on the island should be a stepped terrace type building, where the furtherest anyone call fall by accident or because they’re an idiot is onto the balcony below.

I have had this idea in my head for ages however bing releasing their new AI creative image tool allowed me to create a concept of what I was imagining which I couldn’t do before because I have literally no artistic skills. So ALL of these images are AI images attributed to the Bing Image Creator Powered by DALL E. I have left the original naming of the image and will add attribution to the original content used to generate this should they start providing that information.

Hamilton Island Stepped Terrace Building Concepts – Solarpunk

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