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Always check up to date government safety information + dog-friendly status before visiting all destinations. Before travelling speak to your vet for advice on hazards such as snakes, baits & ticks. This website has ads + affiliate links.

If you are looking for dog friendly caravan parks or dog friendly camping in Bright there are plenty of options including some free campsites a short drive away.

Bright and the surrounding area is a great dog friendly destination, with dog friendly cafes and breweries, walking tracks and caravan parks, accommodation and campgrounds.

Free Dog Friendly Camping in Bright

There are two free dog friendly camping areas near Bright, both are out of town (there are no official free camp areas in the town of Bright). They’re both on the river and get busy during summer and long weekends. You can read more about them on my bright free camping page.

Freeburgh Bridge

Also called Broken Bridge/Ovens River Germantown on wikicamps.

This is a nice free campsite on the side of the Ovens River about 7.5km from Bright. Some campsites are right on the river front. Generally this is a bit easier to get a campsite at due to its lack of toilet however as camping has increased in the last few years it is also becoming quite busy. That been said I still get a campsite here most non event or non long weekends with no issues.

When the river is running slowly, generally in summer it has easy access for swimming and paddling for dogs and humans. However at some times of the year after rain and coming out of winter it can be a raging torrent so my dog stayed on the long rope that trip the night I stayed.

This campsite has no toilet. Campsites are mowed into the grass so at some times of the year the surrounding grass can be long. When mowed its great (I stay here many times a year) but some reviewers on wikicamps have reported long have arrived to very long grass.

Some users on Wikicamps reported seeing snakes so be aware they are regularly in the area (like most bush campsites). I don’t bring my dog in summer as she has a long double coat and would get too hot so this hasn’t been an issue for me so far (I have never spotted one )

This campsite has powerlines running through the middle and some tall trees that I avoid camping under.

This campsite is also across the river from a popular bike path which you look onto from a couple of the river front sites near the entrance. If your dogs a bike barker/chaser you may want to avoid those haha.

In non busy times I would say that this can be a good campsite for lead reactive dogs as you can spread out quite a distance from other campers (50m+ when its quite) with grass blocking views however like many campsites sometimes people let there dog roam offlead.

Smoko Campground

A very popular campground that I suspect some staff working in town who can’t get accommodation (due to a massive shortage) are probably camping here long term.

It has a toilet and some nice river front sites as well as plenty of other sites a bit further back from the river. This campsite is usually quite busy, i’ve actually stayed here as there is never any river front sites available when I check it.

Paid Dog friendly caravan parks in Bright and near Bright

There are lots of pet friendly caravan parks in Bright. options in Bright for dog friendly Caravan Parks. Some are only Many are dog friendly all year, even over the peak school holiday p

Bright – Dog friendly caravan parks

Camp Crusty – Bright Cabin and Caravan Park

A much loved local Caravan Park, Camp crusty is a year round dog friendly caravan park about 2.5km from the Bright Brewery and town. It right next to where the Blue Dirt MTB shuttles leave from so is a great option if you mountain bike ride.

You can also walk to Wandi from here with your pup for lunch at the pub or cafe in town (just check opening hours, I was very sad when i discovered there was no beer at the end of my walk lol).

In quieter times of the year this is a gorgeous but simple tranquil park with access to a creek for your pup to paddle and you will have space to spread out.

If your looking for a tranquil stay avoid on busy weekends, when it packs out as its across the road from the oval where events are held.

Porepunkah – Dog friendly caravan parks

Mt Buffalo Caravan Park

A more traditional caravan park (there is definately no jumping castles or swimming pools) the Mt Buffalo Caravan Park is a little out of town and nestled between the Ovens and the Buckland River. It’s a mix of campsites and permanent vans and there is quite a lot of variation in the sites from riverside, to under big shady trees to open grassy areas.

Campsite Junction number 8

My favourite campsite in this park is the unpowered site Junction number 8 because its huge, feels a bit like a bush site and is great for a dog that gets overstimulate by to much action or other dogs nearby. It’s not far from the river and still walking distance to the toilets.

But there are plenty of other options that are suitable for vans like riverside powered sites.

This is not a complete list, more will be added overtime.

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