Why I climbed up Gunlom without my camera or phone

Gunlom has been on my bucket list for years and almost daily social media photos of this stunning place has only increased my desire to see it. It must surely be Kakadu’s most instagrammed place.

But as a travel writer who makes zero from my blog I sometimes find it difficult to stay motivated to keep sharing the Australia I love so much. Even though I know that people will love it as much as me if I can just inspire them them to replace their Bali holiday with an Australian adventure instead.

But I find all too often I experience Australia’s most beautiful places with my mind on how to take the best photos for my next blog post and Instagram picture. I’ve been trying so hard for so long to turn my passion into a business that I’m not in the moment when visiting places I’ve dreamed of experiencing for years.

So the morning I was due to visit Gunlom Falls I decided I was going to do the bushwalk just for me. No cameras, no phone, no evidence I was there, but hopefully an incredible memory.

And I am so glad that I did. It was hard work getting up that hill at my weight and I stopped a lot along the way but when I got to the top of the 85m waterfall it was worth every moment.

The view from infinity pool view at the top of the falls is as stunning in person as it is in photos.

While you float around in cool fresh water and perch on the ledge of the pool, you look out over the expansive plains below and distant escarpments of Kakadu.

The water is crystal clear, there are some little sandy sections or rocks to sit on as a cascades flow around you and beautiful little plants adorn the side of the gorge.

It’s a true travel pinch yourself experience and for once, I was totally in the moment.

I may not have photos of Gunlom, but I floated in that pool in total awe of our beautiful country, and ultimately that is what the privilege of travel is all about.

*Unfortunately since this story was written a very obtrusive boardwalk has been installed in place of the natural rock steps and against the wishes of the Traditional Custodians

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