5 of the best ideas for a budget staycation – get holiday feels in your hometown this weekend

Schedule in the sunset or get up early to see the sunrise

This is sunrise over Geelong from Barrabool Road in Highton. Experiencing beautiful sunrises doesn’t have to be an experience saved only for holidays.

Nothings feels like holiday more than an early sunrise over the beach or a mission to the top of the closest hill for a cheeky sunset beer.

This is hands down the number one cheap way to feel like you did something special on the weekend. Unless you are a super early riser, most of us don’t bother to take the time out for a sunrise the way we do on holidays. It will leave a smile on your face all day.

From a city rooftop to your local tank hill or open plain there is likely a sunset near you just waiting to be appreciated.

Plan a BBQ or picnic somewhere other than your house

Pack your supplies and head to the bush or beach for a picnic or bbq!

There is a reason those picnic lunches on holidays are so special – they’re usually at a table deep in the bush or overlooking a beach.

A quick google of a map for your local national or state parks will help you plan a meal somewhere beautiful. For a special occasion try a champagne breakfast with packet pancakes on the BBQ!

Book in a local experience

Chances are good there is heaps of cool stuff you can do within an hour or two of your home town. From courses to brew your own beer to making your own chocolate to Indigenous Cultural tours or artisan shopping tours there is something really cool you can do near you.

Why do we only do these amazing activities on holidays interstate?!

Check out Intrepid Urban Adventures, Adrenalin or Experience Oz for ideas near you.

Have a long bath with a magazine (& possibly wine ;))

I’m not going to lie, I do this regularly. But from chatting to my friends (especially those with kids) this is a luxury they rarely have time for.

Read a book, a magazine or your phone but for that extra switch of experience leave the technology behind and unwind distraction-free with your book. *Unless your books on your phone like me, then you just have to make sure you don’t drop it!

Day Drink (or brunch) somewhere with a view

The view from the deck at Castaway Resort & Spa in Mission Beach, Queensland

Ok, I’m not advising you to get sh*tfaced (unless of course you want to) but there is nothing like a good champagne breakfast, long lunch or beer garden sunday session with a view. From beach view bars and bush pubs to city roof tops theres likely a beer view nearby just waiting for you!

So Round up your partner or friends, get a babysitter if you need, pretend you are on holidays and escape the real world and responsibilities for just one Saturday or Sunday.

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