Restaurants, Food & Bars

There are plenty of options to eat and drink on Hamilton Island from takeaway pizzas to full service dining. While I unfortunatley didnt get to visit every restaurant on the Island this visit, I did get a chance to visit many.

Hamilton Island Vegan Food

I went on a long awaited (booked pre Covid) holiday to Hamilton Island in late 2022 and I was impressed that basically all restaurants catered for vegans. However they don’t always have it on their menu as when I emailed to enquire about Romano’s (the Italian Restaurant) they emailed me back a dedicated vegetarian and…

Reef View Hotel Buffet Breakfast

One of my siblings and mine stand out memories of the Hamilton Island Buffet Breakfast as a kid was getting to eat donuts for breakfast (we were a sugar on the weekends only kind of family, donuts were rare, let alone donuts for breakfast)! Nothing has changed in late 2022, even as an adult the…

One Tree Hill Sunset Views & Bar

One Tree Hill is one of the best places to watch sunset on Hamilton Island. There is a bar to order drinks from and you can get there via the free Hamilton Island shuttle bus or a walk up the hill. There are tables and seats available however on busy nights there may be many…

Manta Ray

Good vibes on the Marina the food at Manta Ray was delicious and they also had some unique cocktails I didnt see on the list in other restaurants.